​5 PAX Prime Games That Also Deserve Your Attention

They haven't gotten a lot of attention, but you'll want to see them before they come out.

Poster by Xander Pakzad

This weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo saw a lot of heavy-hitting blockbusters and overpowered tech (4K laptops, anyone?). Amongst all the commotion, I scrounged up five games you might have missed. Put them on your radar now because a few of them will be out before you know it.

Titan Souls may look like a pushover, but its gameplay is described as a top-down mix of Shadow of the Colossus, Zelda, and Dark Souls. That’s some ambition for a game that was conceived at a game jam. This footage shows just how merciless this boss-heavy game can be. One-hit kills: we hate them, but we keep coming back for more.

Never Alone is fun, interesting, and downright pretty. The game comes from a non-profit group called the Cook Inlet Tribal Council who decided to create their own game company dedicated to... indigenous Alaskan culture. Sounds weird, but the trailer got me on board within five seconds. A beautiful platformer with Limbo-like gameplay, AND bringing an underrepresented culture to a new audience? I’m down. Look for it this November on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

Double Fine, like always, is making their fans proud with a sequel to their beloved Halloween-themed RPG, Costume QuestCQ2 updates the graphics while retaining the original’s charm and sense of humor. It’s slated for an October release, just in time for the holidays.

A new title that’s gotten some buzz in the indie world is Firewatch. It’s a mystery/survival game set in rural Wyoming with a Rust-like feel and a pinch of Kentucky Route Zero. After watching the trailer on their website, click continue and move up and down the page. God I love parallax scrolling...

The Behemoth, the company behind cult classics Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, and BattleBlock Theater, is gearing up for their next big release. The untitled “Game 4” puts their signature art style in a strategy game, which now that I see it, is a total no-brainer. They’re not giving away too much info, but we’ll keep our eye out.

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