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Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

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Supercharge Your Brain: Drs. John Ratey & Michael Merzenich

Larry King NowFeb 26 '16

Larry welcomes experts Drs. John Ratey & Michael Merzenich to discuss our brains’ ability to improve, even as we age; how physical exercise boosts brain function and staves off Alzheimer’s and depression; & the shocking effect obesity has on brain health.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Feb 26th 2016:

“Exercise may be more important for our brains then for our bodies” - Ratey

“There are three factors, optimal weight, continuous learning, and exercise.” – Ratey on preventing Alzheimer’s

“Forestalls it, prevents it maybe, but forestalls it for at least 10 years” —Ratey on Alzheimer’s decline

“You use more brain cells exercising then in any other human activity.” - Ratey

“The more obese you are the less fit you are the less fit your brain is.” - Ratey

“Ifyou get a depressed person to exercise, which is hard, three to fourtimes a week then they are going to have as a good a response asincreasing medicine.” - Ratey

“The Brain changes every time you learn something or acquire a new skill. The brain is plastic.” ­­ —DR. Merzenich

“Thereare a whole variety of ways to engage your brain to our advantage. Youcan be on a continuous path of new learning and new skills, you canengage on taking in information from the world, or you can continue tooperate your brain in a problem solving way aggressively.” —DR.Merzenich

“Thehope is if you can retain you functionality at a high level in life youcan delay these processes” —DR. Merzenich on Alzheimer’s prevention.”

“Weare changing he neurology of the brain, so it’s operating with greaterpower and greater resolution.”­­ —DR. Merzenich on BrainHQ

“We believe schizophrenia is probably preventable by training an individual at risk at onset.” —DR. Merzenich