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Garry Marshall on success, Julia Roberts, & ‘Princess Diaries 3’

Larry King NowApr 27 '16

Legendary writer-director Garry Marshall reflects on his iconic career and the many leading ladies he’s worked with, including Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, & Anne Hathaway. Plus, Garry on the movie he’d still like to make, and the one he wishes he hadn’t.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on April 27th 2016:

“I was a writer. I still am. I wrote for comedians, and finally Joey Bishop hired me on the ‘Tonight Show’ and they kept me and I was happy. They told me to come to Hollywood, and Danny Thomas brought me out here and I’ve been here ever since. That was in ’61!” —Garry Marshall on how he started out as a writer before moving on to directing films

“My first movie was called ‘Young Doctors in Love’ and again not a big hit. It was a big hit in Sweden! They like socialized medicine. But you keep trying, we had our ups and downs.” —Garry Marshall on his first movie he got to direct

“My first television hit was the ‘Odd Couple.’ The original one. Now there is a new one, where I’m consulting on it, and I’m actually acting on it this month. I play Oscar’s father, look at this circle of life! Jack was kinda a father image for me and now I’m Oscar’s father.” —Garry Marshall on his first big hit show, and his role in the new ‘Odd Couple’ television show

“They say I don’t enlighten everybody! I said a long time ago, Larry, ‘In the education of the American public, I am recess.’ You go to my movie, you have a good time, you go home.” —Garry Marshall on critics giving him a hard time for his movie ‘Mothers Day’

“I was a sick kid. I was always in bed. I had allergies, I had pneumonia three times. So when you’re kinda sick and laying in bed there’s not much to do but daydream and think of funny things.” —Garry Marshall on how being sick in bed helped him become creative

“The studio told [my sister] that they don’t like a woman director because ‘Their minds do not have ideas that appeal to mass audiences.’ That’s truly what they told her! That's all they had to tell her for her to say ‘I’ll show em.’ She then did ‘League of Their Own’ and ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks and made over $100 million dollars. The first woman to do that.” —Garry Marshall on his sister dealing with sexism from movie studios and being the first women to make over $100 million dollars

“Anne Hathaway comes in, pregnant but now she has the kid Johnathon, but she comes in pregnant and puts her bag on the table. She pulls out a laptop and pushes three buttons and there is Julie Andrews on Skype in Long Island! And we all have a meeting, this is how we work now. So I hope they do it, I really think ‘Princes Diaries’ is great.” —Garry Marshall on the possibility of a third “Princess Diaries’ film