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Tim Tebow on faith, NFL future & TV career

Larry King NowJun 15 '16

Heisman Trophy winner & former NFL player Tim Tebow chats with Larry about the highs and lows of his highly-publicized football career and the possibility of a return to the gridiron this fall. Tebow also opens up about his strong faith and potential political aspirations, and previews his co-hosting gig on the new season of FOX’s ‘Home Free.’


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on June 15th 2016:

"We all get shaken in life, when life throws us curveballs or obstacles, you know. What do we hold onto? What's our foundation? And no matter who we are and what we go through there's always going to be obstacles and there's going to be turmoil, and I think for me in my life I've had some highs and I've had some lows and back and forth. I think not a lot of people can relate to the highs, but pretty much everybody can relate to the lows.— Tim Tebow on his book “Shaken”

"It's not just true when it's going right. It's not just the case when you're winning games and championships and it's easy. It's the same thing when it might not be going to the way that you want it. Well, it's still not my plan, it's His plan and I'm going to trust Him with it.” — Tim Tebow on trusting in God’s plan for him.

"I really believe that faith is like a muscle, the more you work it the stronger it grows.”— Tim Tebow on times when he’s doubted his faith.

"I think one thing that's really important in life is that we pursue our passions. You pursue what's on your heart, you pursue what you're passionate about. And for me in the game of football, it's the position of quarterback.” — Tim Tebow on his passion for his position as quarterback.

"Courage and conviction. He was convicted by things and he had the courage to stand up for it. Now, not everybody agreed with it, there's people on both sides, but he at least stood for something." — Tim Tebow on Muhammad Ali.

"Being able to accept and give grace that we're deserving. One, you have to be able to accept God loves you just how you are, and then you also have to be able to give that to other people." — Tim Tebow on the hardest thing about his faith.

"Really getting to hear the hero's stories, I mean one of the contestants is a war hero in Afghanistan and he's competing for a man that came back and picked him up out of the ditch and saved his life and brought him back to safety in Afghanistan. Another one of our contestants is competing for a woman who randomly gave her kidney to his father when he was going through dialysis to save his life. And just those random acts of kindness like that, all the time. And it's story after story."— Tim Tebow on the inspirational contestants on his new show “Home Free”.

"We really get to try to make every singleperson feel important, feel special, because every life matters, every person matters, that God loves them, God has a plan for them, and they matter. They're not an accident, but they're important and we get to share that with them and love them.” — Tim Tebow on Night to Shine, a prom for special needs kids.

"You know what it's like the be cheered, I know what it's like to be celebrated, but they don't. And now can you imagine for the first time in their life, to have hundreds of people cheering for you, to be given a crown or a tiara, to be loved and hugged and cheered for and told that you're special, that you're important, that you matter." — Tim Tebow on the importance of Night to Shine.

"Let’s really actually love people and not just talk about it." — Tim Tebow on something he would change about the world.

"I've never bought a car... The only car that I've ever technically owned was the car that my parents got for me for I think 600 dollars when I was a sophomore in high school. It was a 1995 Ford Thunderbird that was so beat up." — Tim Tebow on never owning a car.

"The swamp. The atmosphere. How rowdy it is getting out of the bus and having 40,000 people on your left and your right just going nuts." — Tim Tebow on what he misses about the University of Florida.

"Try not to listen to them. Don't read, don't watch, don't listen to people. Focus on what you can control, your attitude, your effort, your focus. Have people around you that build you up and believe in you and the people that support you, your friends, your family, and just ignore the rest of it." — Tim Tebow on how he deals with haters.

"The Church isn't supposed to be a place where we're gonna highlight this name, this name, this building, ours is fancier than yours... The Church is supposed to be a hospital for the broken, people that need help, people that need love, people that need support. It's not supposed to be because we wanna make, you know, this denomination famous, we want to make Jesus famous and help people. That's what the Church is supposed to do. — Tim Tebow on bringing different denominations together.