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Bobby Brown on Whitney, Bobbi Kristina and his sobriety

Larry King NowJun 29 '16

In an open and honest conversation, Bobby Brown details the life and loss of both his ex-wife, music icon Whitney Houston, & their daughter Bobbi Kristina. Brown also weighs in on the status of his current relationship with Whitney's family & why he joined the wrongful death lawsuit brought against Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend Nick Gordon.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on June 29th 2016:

“I’ve done so much in my life, and I’ve had so many tragedies- my father, my mother, my ex-wife of course and my daughter- I couldn’t have wrote in 10 years ago you know? Right now I think I’m in a good place mentally and spiritually and I just had to get all of the cobwebs out. All of the things that have kept me from focusing on what is important in life.” — Bobby Brown on why he decided to write a book about his life
“We met at the Soul Train Music Awards. I was sitting in the front row and the Wynners were sitting behind me and Whitney came over to talk to the Wynners and she kept bumping me, and bumping me, and bumping me. I finally turned around and asked ‘Why do you keep bumping me’ and she responded ‘Because I want you.’ From that moment on things just sparked.— Bobby Brown on how her and Whitney Houston met
“She had the same disease I have, you have to work on it every day. You really have to work on it on a daily basis. You know, I don’t know what happened but she was definitely working on it.” — Bobby Brown on how he and Whitney both were working on their drug addictions
“There are really no words to express how it feels. Handling it is hard every day it gets harder every day. Just missing her and looking into her siblings eyes and their faces. I have seven [kids] well six but another on their way. Just looking into their faces helped me cope with it. The strength that they have and the love they felt and still feel for their sister holds me. They keep me strong.” — Bobby Brown on the death of his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown
“There is a wrongful death suit going on, that the estate of my daughter took out and I joined in because I really think there was something that happened in that house that I don’t know, but Nick knows- and that is the first time I’ve said his name.” — Bobby Brown on there being more to his daughter's death than meets the eye and they are suing the boyfriend to find out what
“Definitely going to record again, looking to release something fall of this year. But right now it’s to get the message of this book out there because I think it can help a lot of people. The message is ‘Life is not easy, but you gotta stand up and fight to live healthy.’ That’s the one thing I’ve been able to do in my life” — Bobby Brown on recording again and the message behind his book

“I woke up into what some would call a wet dream but it was what it was. I really saw someone there. It was a ghostly person. I had no choice, she mounted me. I don’t want to say it wasn’t a dream but it felt as real as us sitting across from each other here.” — Bobby Brown on his experience having sex with a ghost