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Brooklyn Decker on 'Grace and Frankie,' tackling tech, & motherhood

Larry King NowApr 03 '17

Brooklyn Decker discusses the challenges she's faced transitioning from model to actress, and why she doesn't miss her covergirl days. Plus, the 'Grace and Frankie' star talks her entry into the tech world as the Chief Design Officer of the new wardrobe and styling site 'Finery'.

Larry talks to Brooklyn Decker, a former supermodel and actress who starred in films like ‘Battleship’ and ‘Just Go With It,’ as well as TV shows like ‘Friends With Better Lives’ and ‘The League.’ Decker returns in the third season of Netflix’s ‘Grace and Frankie,’ and has ventured into technology with the recent launch of Finery, a wardrobe system site. Larry asks about her name, and Decker reveals her name was jokingly inspired by her mom’s friend’s horse, Brooke. Though Decker grew up in North Carolina, she did once move to New York.

Shifting from New York to Los Angeles, Larry asks her how it’s like working on ‘Grace and Frankie.’ Decker praises the cast, which includes legends like Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, the latter who plays Decker’s mother on the show. She also speaks positively about working with Netflix, which gives creatives more control. Larry asks if Decker misses modeling, she says “no, never.” Though the industry is more inclusive now, when she began her career 12 years ago, it was dictated by trends and size, and she was considered too big for fashion. Decker was placed in the swimsuit/lingerie category, though she believes ‘Sports Illustrated’ is the exception to the rule, and it gave her travel experiences and a platform, which she leveraged into an acting career. Larry inquiries if the transition was easy. Yes and no, Decker believes, since she was a new actor with a name, she wasn’t allowed to make the same mistakes, but she also had opportunities due to her model status.

Speaking of new opportunities, Larry asks about Finery, which Decker describes as the world’s first operating system for wardrobes, like a banking or calendar system. Women spend more money on clothes than education out of necessity, and Finery culls purchases from email into an online wardrobe so that people can coordinate outfits. The site was founded by Whitney Casey, who used to be in news, and is free, though the vision is to create a marketplace to consume smarter. Decker raves about how supportive women in tech are, due to their rarity. Finery is funded, founded, and run by women, which Decker describes as incredibly unusual.

When asked about parenthood though, Decker says the usual clichés about being exhausted yet so dedicated to your child are true. She talks about her husband, tennis champion Andy Roddick, and how she’s the disciplinarian of their son. Larry asks why they live in Austin, and she says she doesn’t want to be in the craziness of Los Angeles or New York. They talk briefly about March Madness, since Decker is a North Carolina Tar Heels fan, but has been busy launching Finery instead of watching games. Another project Larry asks Decker about is her new comedy film ‘Band Aid.’ The movie, about a couple with marriage problems who create a band, was written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones, who got her friends to act in it.