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Dennis Miller clarifies his politics: I’m socially liberal

Larry King NowMay 01 '17

Dennis Miller clarifies his politics – maintaining that he’s socially liberal – but concedes that he would have voted for anyone who wasn’t Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Plus, Dennis on President Trump.

Larry King: You said you can’t judge a president until six months.

Dennis Miller: Yeah.

Larry King: So you make no judgment on Trump.

Dennis Miller: I didn’t with Obama, and he wasn’t my cup of tea.

Larry King: Do you have any early opinion?

Dennis Miller: Dangerous world, Larry, I don’t know what to say.

Larry King: Dangerous president.

Dennis Miller: Put it this way, do I want to give money to Iran? Do I think that’s a solid idea? No, I don’t.

Larry King: But it was their money.

Dennis Miller: Eh I know, but I would do whatever I could do consternate Iran. I just don’t trust them.

Larry King: Well has there been anything annoying thus far, at all? I know you’re a conservative-

Dennis Miller: Yeah, but I’m socially liberal. You know, two people with similar gender want to married, what business—I’m happy for them, I like people who love and get married.

Larry King: I’ve known Trump forever. He’s socially liberal. Why is he acting this way?

Dennis Miller: Well I can’t-

Larry King: I can’t figure it out.

Dennis Miller: All I know is that they could have put that last ballot, and I won’t even say—I have never said publicly who I voted for, but I will tell you this: they could have had a ballot that had two big squares on it, one marked “Hillary” and one marked “Not Hillary,” and I always put my X in the “Not Hillary” box. Say this about Trump, sometimes his outer voice is unbelievable, but I do think that it is an accurate depiction of his inner voice. I don’t think Hillary Clinton’s inner voice and outer voice have ever even had a cup of coffee together. So I’ll give him that.

Larry King: Is it strange, Dennis, being a conservative in La La Land?

Dennis Miller: No. I don’t live here.

Larry King: Are you ostracized? Do people shun you?

Dennis Miller: You know, I’m pretty much of a reserved guy socially, so that’s one good thing about not being out and about, I wouldn’t know if I was.

Larry King: Did your politics change?

Dennis Miller: No, I was always socially liberal, and I always thought that bad guys needed their ass kicked periodically. I just do.

Larry King: So you consider yourself—what are you?

Dennis Miller: I’m a pragmatist. I think some of this stuff are no-brainers, I think you should spend what you take in, it’s just like basic stuff to me. But it’s pretty stratified out there right now, it’s the Hatfields and the McCoys, but if you-

Larry King: Is there any moderate?

Dennis Miller: I don’t think so, I think the way you used to become a moderate was having on a Venn Diagram, opinions that sort of brushed up against each other in the middle.

Larry King: Yeah.

Dennis Miller: I don’t think that exists anymore. I do think you can have disparate opinions on the outside of those two globes, well socially liberal, fiscally conservative, kind of can make you, in a backdoor way, a moderate. But do I think you can have tepid opinions in the middle right now? No, I don’t.

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