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Hank Azaria imitates Al Pacino

Larry King NowMay 03 '17

When Larry King points out that Hank Azaria and Al Pacino share a birthday, Hank pulls out a spot-on impression of the legendary actor.

Larry King: It is Hank Azaria’s 53rdbirthday. Happy birthday Hank Azaria.

Hank Azaria: Thank you Larry.

Larry King: Also the birthday of Al Pacino, two American greats. Al is 77.

Hank Azaria: Wow.

Larry King: And you are 53. So you-

Hank Azaria: You know Al and I worked together on my 30thbirthday in ‘Heat,’ we actually shot all night, it was both our birthdays-

Larry King: You were in ‘Heat’?

Hank Azaria: Yes, I’m in the guy who Al yells [mimics Al Pacino’s voice], “She’s got a great ass,” he yells that right into my face, on both our birthdays. It was my 30th, I guess doing the math, his 54th.

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