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“Sexism in Stand-up Comedy is Alive and Well”: Kathy Griffin Says She’s in a Club of One

More from Ora: “Sexism in Stand-up Comedy is Alive and Well”: Kathy Griffin Says She’s in a Club of One

‘Idiotsitter’ Stars Jillian Bell & Charlotte Newhouse on Melissa McCarthy, Competition in Comedy, & Sisterhood

Larry King NowJan 11 '16

Big laughs fill the studio as Jillian Bell & Charlotte Newhouse – creators and stars of the new Comedy Central series ‘Idiotsitter’ – discuss female-driven comedies, the beauty of Seth Rogen, and whether the pair are ready for big-time fame.

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*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Jan 11th 2016:

"Well I play an idiot on the show and she plays the sitter, basically." - Jillian Bell on the premise of the show

"Yes. Most of my career, I'm playing a dumb person." - Jillian Bell on the type of character she plays

“When I was eight, my parents put me in an improv class which was very smart and I think because it was so silly and weird. And they just wanted a place to put me for an hour and a half.” - Jillian Bell on what led her to comedy

Charlotte Newhouse: “I don’t know. We’d have to become men, get another show, get paid, then compare that payment to our current payment. Done?”

Jillian Bell: “Done. I’m so excited for our new show.”

“Look out for the new show, ‘Gentleman Baby sitter.’”

“I’m Mike.”

“I’m Ted.”

- Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse on the Hollywood wage gap

“It’s been Carol Burnett, nothing, then our show.” - Charlotte Newhouse on women in comedy

“It’s an exciting time. It’s becoming more the norm which it should be.”

- Charlotte Newhouse on women in comedy

“People always think, ‘Oh, you must do stand up.’ I don’t do stand up. I could never do stand up. Like that is so different than writing sketch or improvising.” - Charlotte Newhouse on how comedy involves different skill sets

“He’s everything you want him to be. He’s exactly who he plays, basically….Yeah, very lovable.” - Jillian Bell on working with Seth Rogen

“It can be. It can be a little bit and it can be a little frustrating.” - Charlotte Newhouse on comedy as a boys’ club

“Besides a walk-by in Bridesmaids, which you should re-watch just for my part because I walk by in the scene… It’s such a great walk.” - Jillian Bell

Jillian Bell: “I think she’s fantastic.”

Charlotte Newhouse: “Yeah we really like her.”

- Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse on Amy Schumer’s success

“We wrote this series to get boyfriends.” - Jillian Bell

“He’s incredible. He’s a lovely, mad, little genius” - Jillian Bell on working with Paul Thomas Anderson