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Whitney Cummings Talks New HBO Special, Tinder & Responds To ‘Family Guy’

Larry King NowJan 22 '16

Comedian and '2 Broke Girls' co-creator Whitney Cummings previews her new HBO stand up special, talks dating in the age Tinder and responds to the ‘Family Guy’ dig against her sitcom.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Jan 22nd 2016:

“I just felt like whenever i was goingon stage and telling these jokes, everyone seemed to be relating, which is always a wonderful thing for a comedian. That’s the best reaction I could get, people being like, ‘Me too, totally,’ and like hitting their friend. Whenever I would say something about my relationships, a boyfriend will look to his girlfriend and be like, ‘You do that.’” - Whitney Cummings on the name of her HBO special.

“I feel like porn has had this really detrimental effect on relationships. It makes men’s expectations high and it makes women feel like we can’t compete, you know? Every now and then I check in and see what’s going on and I’m like, ‘I can’t bend that way. I don’t. Am I just dehydrated? Why Can’t I do that?’ - Whitney Cummings on the negative effects of porn.

“My mom was so shocked when I decided I was going to do comedy because she was like, You’re not funny,’ because I was always like a very serious kid, which I think is probably common for comedians.”

“Bad childhood. Just didn’t get enough attention. I remember as a kid, I wasn’t funny. But I remember working really hard to get attention in my house. I was always putting on fashion shows. I was always trying to bring the family together. I also realized recently that the way my family communicated was kind of through roast jokes because no one would confront each other about things.” - Whitney Cummings on the impact of her childhood.

“I was not ready. I was diagnosed as co-dependent sort of, which means… Yeah by a therapist which essentially means you’re in a relationship where you’re a little too entrenched with somebody, you become obsessed with solving their problems, and you can’t tolerate their discomfort.”

“I realized, ‘Oh my gosh. Do I have to choose being funny or feminine? Can guys see me as a girl if I make them laugh?”

“They happen to be the most watched shows. Big bang theory, Two and a half men was huge, yet the critics don’t seem to like them that much. Critics like more single camera shows like Parks and Rec and The Office, so we got a lot of heat for being a multi-cam.” - Whitney Cummings on multi-cam shows.

“I was an informal model at Bloomingdale’s and I had to walk around and tell people that there were sales upstairs.” - Whitney Cummings on her first job.

“I’d just probably get rid of ISIS... I mean, is that weird? Anyone want to keep them?” - Whitney Cummings on one thing in this world that she would change.

“This has been a really confusing, confounding race but I think-- I usually don’t talk a lot about politics because I don’t think that I’m qualified to, but I’m definitely leaning towards the democratic candidates at the moment.”

“It broke my heart. I have to say it really did break my heart. It’s too big of a transgression to even process. It’s hard to imagine especially since when you’re that famous, you can have consensual sex with anyone, whenever you want. I’ve seen it. I see comedians, the Bill Cosby’s of today, and they can sleep with anyone…It’s hard when your heroes fall.”

“You know, I think he’s a great performer. As a performer, I’m learning a lot from him. I think that he does what a lot of great comedians do, which is he tells the truth and isn’t really worried about the consequences and there’s something really appealing about that and very authentic. He’s being unapologetic and authentic.” - Whitney Cummings on Donald Trump.