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From Nashville: Brothers Osborne & Kix Brooks

Larry King NowSep 12 '16

'Larry King Now' heads to Nashville! First up, Grammy-nominated country duo Brothers Osborne weigh in on their rise to mainstream success in 2016, and preview what fans can expect from their first headlining tour, slated to begin this fall. Then, Larry's wife Shawn joins him to interview the legendary Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn about longevity in country music and his new cookbook 'Cookin' it with Kix'.

Larry King sits down with representatives of two different generations of country music, as he meets first with up-and-coming duo the Brothers Osborne, then with long time star Kix Brooks. In both interviews, King discusses life as a country artist, how the guests' careers began, and the guests' new projects.

T.J. and John Osborne of the Brothers Osborne discuss their first national tour, the upcoming Dirt Rich Tour. Explaining how they have reached their newfound success, the brothers tell of their supportive family, the steps they took to improve as songwriters after moving to Nashville, and how they keep their artistic integrity.
Kix Brooks, most known as part of the performing duo Brooks & Dunn, talks with Larry about his newest Las Vegas show and the release of his first cookbook, 'Cookin' It With Kix'. Telling of the influence of his Louisiana upbringing, Brooks explains how the social value of cooking inspired him to publish the book after hosting the Cooking Channel show 'Steak Out with Kix Brooks'. The country singer also speaks on his Las Vegas show 'Reba, Brooks, and Dunn', starring himself, former partner Ronnie Dunn, and fellow country star Reba McEntire.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Sept 12th 2016:

"When you first come to Nashville, it's definitely overwhelming. There's a lot of extraordinarily talented people here. So we just really kind of went to the woodshed and started writing a lot and started playing more writers' rounds here in town and tried to get better at the craft of writing a song. And it just kind of sprouted from there." - T.J. Osborne on how the band got started when they came to Nashville
"The wheels have been in motion for quite some time. But we went very hard at radio about four years ago, and we stuck with it. And it took radio a while to come on board, because what we do is kind of left of center and it's not the obvious right down the middle thing." - John Osborne on how they worked to get wider recognition
"If it doesn't align with what we are, we aren't going to change the way that we are. So we're not going to change our thing, you know. We feel in art you have to be very genuine and honest in order to make it. I think you've got to be true to yourself." - John Osborne on the band's artistic beliefs
"It's hard to get political as an artist, really in any genre. People come out to our shows and they listen to music to forget about that kind of stuff. There are people who work all week long, and they listen to news all day every day that just tells them things that they probably don't want to hear. And when they come out to the show they just want to tune everything out." - T.J. Osborne on whether the brothers ever try to get political with music
"We're really lucky that we grew up with such supportive parents, you know? You always hear the horror stories of kids that want to pursue music. It's always like seven brothers that are football players and one kid that wants to play bass, and it's like he's the odd one and he gets no love. But we got loads of support from our family and I think for that we're eternally grateful." - John Osborne on the brothers' family life growing up in Maryland
"When the cookbook idea came down the pike, they said 'Why don't you do this?' And I realized the stories in there that really mattered to me, and my life really growing up in Louisiana just hunting, fishing, and just doing what we do down there, those stories were all about cooking." - Kix Brooks on transitioning from writing an autobiography to writing a cookbook
"We're brothers, I think is the best way to describe me and Mr. Dunn. Of course, we met completely out of the blue. We met on a Tuesday. A record company guy convinced us that we should be a duo on a Tuesday over an enchilada. It was the day I met him. We're like, 'We don't want to do this. We don't know each other. I mean this is just silly, Tim.' And he's like, 'Both of you guys are good writers. Just do me a favor and get together and see if you can hit it off.'" - Kix Brooks on his first meeting with Ronnie Dunn
"We're having a ball. It really is, it's a lot of fun. And, you know, from the time we do our first couple of opening numbers and then it's game on. You know, somebody's going to throw the first rock, and then--and having Reba in between us, it's awesome. You know Reba, she's just fun. She's really good, she's an old pro. And we're all kind of at that point to where we've got our shoulders dropped and we like surprises. So it's been a lot of off the cuff, really fun and funny stuff." - on his current Las Vegas show with Ronnie Dunn and Reba McEntire
"We said, let's just pack this thing full of hits. And then if we want to pull something out of the weeds we can. But I look at that set list every night and as the songs come up I just grin, going 'Wow, I remember that one.' I think it's the same way for the fans. It just brings up so many memories. People love--it's not just nostalgia, it's those memories the songs bring to our lives." - Kix Brooks on the set list for his Las Vegas show
"I do. You know, you gotta eat! And somebody's gotta do it! It's fun, that's the whole point of that thing. It's, don't open a soup can. Go to the grocery store, have a little fun, go 'What the heck is this?' And then go home and cook it. And you're not going to screw up. Chicken's cheap, just keep trying." - Kix Brooks on whether he cooks a lot himself