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Tom Colicchio on ‘Top Chef,’ food reform, & nixing tipping

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Curtis Stone on family, food, & his restaurants

Larry King NowJan 18 '17

Triple threat Curtis Stone opens up about the joys and trials of running two successful restaurants – Maude and Gwen – in Los Angeles, how he still manages to find time to host TV series, & his philosophy on food in this wide-ranging interview.

Larry King is joined by famed chef Curtis Stone, whose new show “My Kitchen Rules” premiered this January on Fox. Stone breaks down the show’s format to Larry, and what separates it from the competitive cooking shows. Stone also gives hints as to what will come this season, including appearances from guest chefs like Lance Bass and Andrew Dice Clay.

Later, Larry King and Curtis Stone turn their attention to his two LA restaurants, ‘Maude’ and ‘Gwen.’ Named after each of his grandmothers, the two restaurants showcase different types of cuisine and a different dining experience. Stone addresses how each restaurant fits the personality of the grandmother they’re named after, and the grueling readjustment to life in a kitchen after years as a TV chef.

Finally, Larry asks Curtis Stone about his time on “Celebrity Apprentice,” and his relationship with Donald Trump. Stone reflects on his time spent with the President-Elect, and what he foresees from the incoming administration. Stone also ends by speaking to the need for young farmers in this country, and the struggles that independent farmers often face.