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Hannah Hart on Ingrid Nilsen, ‘Electra Woman & Dyna Girl,’ and Having Larry on ‘My Drunk Kitchen’

Larry King NowJan 25 '16

YouTube sensation Hannah Hart opens up about her relationship with Ingrid Nilsen, her mom’s struggle with schizophrenia, and if she’s outgrowing the platform that made her famous. Plus, Hannah books her next ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ guest: Larry King!


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Jan 25nd 2016:

“My Drunk kitchen was a joke I made on my laptop and then sent to my friend over YouTube, because in 2011, that’s how you sent people videos. You just sent them via YouTube. What I didn’t realize was that I was sending it publicly and that other people could watch this video, and so then many people watched that video and I thought, ‘Oh well. That was neat.’”

“I am exactly as drunk as I appear, which is that if I’m drinking and I appear very very drunk. I’m very very drunk.”

“It’s a series that really kind of focuses on two strong protagonists that happen to be women, but it doesn’t center on the fact that they are women. So, it’s kind of raising stronger female superheroes that aren’t entirely derived from their like sex appeal or like their role on the team of men. It’s really about these two superheroes that come to LA to kind of make it big in the superhero scene,So, it’s kind of like parodying the fame game in Los Angeles that we have here while also raising awareness.” - Hannah Hart on the Electra Woman & Dyna Girl series.

“Well I guess it was confusing, mostly, and then I was in a lot of denial because schizophrenia’s kind of one of those things that nobody really educates you about and mental health in general. There’s a lot that people don’t know and what we don’t know makes us afraid and so it actually didn’t occur to me until I was an adult. I didn’t really realize and I’m still in the process of accepting that schizophrenia is a disease and because it’s a disease, it can be managed. But when you grow up with someone who’s undiagnosed or rather an unmedicated mentally ill person, that’s how you set your standard for normal, so really it’s all the normal people in my life that confused me the most.” - Hannah Hart on growing up with a schizophrenic mother.

“I think of it as a self-help parody book. I think My Drunk Kitchen is like a spoonful of sugar, so you can kind of start to reflect on yourself or your life or your patterns without having to go that deep that quickly.” - Hannah Hart on her book.

“After the sixth episode, TIME magazine called and were like, ‘We want to interview you.’ And if Time magazine, arguably it was an online piece, but if Time magazinewants to interview you, that’s cause for pause like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. Am I on the precipice of something?’ And then that’s when I really got into it.” - Hannah Hart on when her career took off.

“I thought to myself that I do have a responsibility as kind of a young person’s role model to not, not say anything about it and actually coming out on YouTube, I think, was something that was really healing for me as part of the coming out process because it kind of forced me to make sense of my journey in a nine-minute-not-edited-video.” - Hannah Hart on coming out and reflecting on Anderson Cooper’s comment about the division between public life and private life.

“I was straight at the time and I had this Britney Spears poster that was just so erotic in my room and my friends were like, ‘Why do you have this poster?’ and I was like, ‘because--I don’t know it makes me feel good.’” - Hannah Hart on having a poster of her celebrity crush: Britney Spears.

“Have a Hart Day is an incredible volunteer organization that’s actually self-organized by the members of the Hartosexual community. That’s what they like to call themselves. I didn’t name them Hartosexual. They self-titled that...It actually started in 2013 when I went on tour and I held meetups at food banks and stuff like that when I was going to twenty-two cities across America. But then the most amazing thing was that after I left, five or six cities kept meeting up and volunteering, so Have a Hart Day exists entirely outside of me and is just something I would say I’m the most proud of.” - Hannah Hart on the volunteer organization ‘Have a Hart Day.’

“To someone who’s having a hard time, I would definitely say that the internet makes resource finding very accessible. Just try to find help and no matter how slowly you go, don’t stop.”

“I have a dream of dreams which is to one day meet Patrick Stewart.” - Hannah Hart on who she would one day like to work with.