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Keke Palmer on future of 'Scream Queens'

Larry King NowFeb 01 '17

Keke Palmer dishes on whether or not 'Scream Queens' will get picked up for a third season on Fox.

Larry King: What about ‘Scream Queens’? It just ended its second season, is it going to continue?

Keke Palmer: Well, fingers crossed, don’t know yet. But shout out to Ryan Murphy.

Larry King: Ryan Murphy, he directs… well I was in the O.J. thing that he did.

Keke Palmer: Yes.

Larry King: But there were two directors. I was directed by the other guy.

Keke Palmer: Who? Brad or Ian?

Larry King: Hemingway.

Keke Palmer: Hemingway.

Larry King: Mr. Hemingway. There were two directors, Murphy and him.

Keke Palmer: I didn’t realize that, I didn’t realize that.

Larry King: Hemingway rode around on a bike, and he directed. He was funny.

Keke Palmer: So awesome.

Larry King: It was a great, that was a great series.

Keke Palmer: Yeah, it really was. He’s awesome. Very genius.

Larry King: Okay, ‘Scream Queens’ you play who?

Keke Palmer: I play Zayday Williams.

Larry King: And there’s a lot of guest cameos, right? John Stamos comes on…

Keke Palmer: Well he, yeah he’s on the show, series regular. We have Kirstie Alley, Jamie Lee Curtis, one of my favorites.

Larry King: Oh, great girl.

Keke Palmer: Emma, Abigail, Billie Lourd.

Larry King: So what’s the betting on season 3?

Keke Palmer: It feels good to me. I mean the kids -

Larry King: When do they let you know?

Keke Palmer: I don’t know. I should be knowing within like the next couple of months. I mean, ‘Scream Queens’ season 1 it was immediately, because it was like “okay, ‘Scream Queens’ season one. But everytime you on third seasons you always like, “okay, we’ll see.”

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