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Mackenzie Phillips remembers Mary Tyler Moore

Larry King NowFeb 03 '17

During her appearance on 'Larry King Now,' famed actress Mackenzie Phillips reflects on the special moments she shared with the now late, great Mary Tyler Moore.

Larry King: We taped this program on the day that Mary Tyler Moore passed; I know you appeared with her, knew her well.

Mackenzie Phillips: I was on an episode ofThe Mary Tyler Mooreshow when I was 14 and it was calledMary’s Delinquent, and she went out and got a little sister. And, you know, like The Little Sisters Foundation, and then Betty White’s character, always one upping Mary, came in and said “Mary, I got one too. Mine’s black.” And it was just a really funny episode, and I remember during the lunch hours of that day, that week that we were taping, Mary had a ballet class during every lunch hour and she put on her ballet and they had a bar, and I would go and have the ballet class with her every day during that week that I was working there. And, yeah, rest in peace.

Larry King: The Mary Tyler Moore we saw on camera was Mary Tyler Moore

Mackenzie Phillips: That’s who she was.

Larry King: Yes, she was.

Mackenzie Phillips: She was just so lovely.

Larry King: And a great actress. Underrated.

Mackenzie Phillips: It makes me think ofThe Dick Van DykeShow.Laura, she played Laura. But, there’s a great story where the network said “we can’t have…” onThe Dick Van Dyke Show“we can’t have Mary Tyler Moore wearing those pants because her derriere cups under.” They said, “it cups under so you need to get her pants that are cut differently so that the cup under isn’t visible on her derriere.” And she told me that story when I was doing the show and we just laughed and laughed.

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