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Randall Park can play music on his teeth

Larry King NowMay 10 '17

Randall Park reveals that he possesses the rare and strange ability to play music on his teeth, showcasing the skill for an astonished Larry King.

Larry King: Tell me something people don’t know about you.

Randall Park: Something people don’t know about me, oh gosh. I can play music on my teeth.

Larry King: You can what?

Randall Park: [Chuckles] Play music on my teeth kind of.

Larry King: Like, show me.

Randall Park: Like, I’ll do ‘Happy Birthday.’ [Puts fingers to teeth, makes popping sounds like ‘Happy Birthday’ song]

Larry King: That’s great. Now how do you do it? Explain how you do it? Or how did you discover that you could do it?

Randall Park: I don’t remember-

Larry King: You a kid?

Randall Park: I was a kid, I saw someone do it, and I just tinkered with my teeth for the next year or so.

Larry King: Are your teeth hitting each other?

Randall Park: No, I’m hitting my teeth with my thumb. [Demonstrates] And then my mouth could create the—I don’t know, it’s instinctual at this point.

Larry King: ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Randall Park: Thank you, yes.

Larry King: You could go on ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Randall Park: There we go.

Larry King: Another avenue for you.

Randall Park: Yeah, yeah. I don’t know what it’d lead to if I won, maybe a record deal, I don’t know.

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