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Randall Park on success, ‘Fresh off the Boat,’ & Kim Jong-un

Larry King NowMay 10 '17

Randall Park is on a roll. The ‘Fresh off the Boat’ star talks the unlikely success of the ABC comedy, how ‘Veep’ made a difference in his career, & why he didn’t expect to make it in Hollywood. Plus, ‘The Interview’ actor on connecting with Kim Jong-un.

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Larry King interviews Randall Park, an actor, writer, director, and comedian who has had roles on ‘Veep,’ ‘Office Christmas Party,’ ‘Trainwreck,’ ‘Fresh Off the Boat,’ and as Kim Jong-un in ‘The Interview.’ The season 3 finale of ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ airs on May 16, and Park will also be in the upcoming comedy ‘Snatched’ with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. Larry asks him about his role on ‘Snatched,’ and Park says he plays Schumer’s boyfriend who dumps her to find success with his band, and their breakup is the catalyst for her adventure.

Larry mentions that Park has played good and evil roles, and Park says he likes playing evil more because he’s able to make it seem good. Larry agrees, saying how nobody evil thinks they’re evil, which is a fun thought Park likes to play with. They talk about Kim Jong-un, a role Park auditioned for, and Park talks about identifying with Kim Jong-un’s desire to please his father, which is a common theme among children of immigrants. As the son of Korean immigrants, Park talks about growing up in west Los Angeles. King asks what took so long for a TV show starring Asian Americans to air again, after a cancelled Margaret Cho show 20 years ago. Park attributes it to racism, and talks about how the opportunities and industry system weren’t there. King asks about Park’s initial skepticism that the show wouldn’t last beyond the pilot, which Park chalks up to seeing other shows about Asians fizzling.

Larry asks about Park’s acting experiences in Hollywood, and Park talks about becoming an actor at 28 and committing to the art, even if it meant he wouldn’t make a living. He says his biggest turning point was a recurring role on ‘Veep,’ though he doesn’t exactly feel famous or bombarded now, just more known. Larry asks why ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ is successful, and Park says that, before anything else, it’s just a funny show with a lot of heart that everyone can identify with. Larry asks if Park will be on the new season of ‘Veep,’ and Park confirms his character will pop in towards the end of the season. He talks a bit about the show and praises Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Larry asks if there’s a TV show Park wants to star on, and Park says he would like to be on ‘Law & Order.’