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Randall Park wants to be on ‘Law & Order’

Larry King NowMay 08 '17

Randall Park – who has guest-starred on everything from ‘New Girl’ to ‘The Office’ to ‘Veep’ – says the show he’d most like to make a cameo on is ‘Law & Order.’

Larry King: You’ve guest-starred on so many TV comedies, is there one you’d like to guest star on?

Randall Park: Oh gosh, you know, I’ve always wanted to do a ‘Law & Order.’

Larry King: Yeah. Villain? You want to be a villain?

Randall Park: Yes, that would be fantastic. A villain. Because I’m such a fan of the show. In all its iterations, I just love the show-

Larry King: Me too. I love the original, I love all of them.

Randall Park: Yeah, you watch it now and you see these people who are so successful now, but back then they were just kind of there-

Larry King: Doing bit parts.

Randall Park: Yeah, yeah, and I’d love to pop in there, do a bit part.

Larry King: From this interview, they’ll-

Randall Park: Yeah, you’ll make it happen. Thank you Larry.

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