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Candis Cayne on Trump, and Caitlyn Jenner’s politics

Larry King NowJun 12 '17

Candis Cayne doesn’t mince her words when it comes to President Trump, calling him a “narcissist” who “doesn’t read anything.” Plus, the ‘I am Cait’ star on her political differences with Caitlyn Jenner.

Larry King: You have been outspoken in your criticism of Donald Trump, I’ve known him many years. The first thing he said, when asked about LGBT, when he was running, was, “I have hotels. If they’re paying, they can use any bathroom they want.” And then he changed. How’d you react to that? Cause the real Donald, that I knew, said that.

Candis Cayne: Well I mean he’s obviously, probably, playing to his base, trying to keep that real hardcore right core together, surrounded-

Larry King: The Mike Pence group.

Candis Cayne: Yeah. The problem with that is when you become president, you don’t become president to 40 percent of the country.

Larry King: So what do you make of him?

Candis Cayne: I think that he’s a narcissist, and he has an overinflated ego, he doesn’t listen to anybody, he doesn’t read anything, and his only answer to most questions are 140 characters.

Larry King: Do you think he has been especially rough for the LGBT community?

Candis Cayne: Yes, in the sense that he’s surrounded himself and his cabinet with people who are outspoken people against the gay community. Mike Pence, his vice president, talking about conversion therapy-

Larry King: Curing.

Candis Cayne: Curing the gays. I mean it doesn’t make any sense that even with all the facts and the science and everything nowadays, that you have people that want to shun science and fact for their religious freedom. It doesn’t make any sense.

Larry King: Now Caitlyn, who’s a friend of yours-

Candis Cayne: Yeah.

Larry King: Is she as conservative?

Candis Cayne: Yeah. And we’ve gotten into it, boy.

Larry King: You’ve argued? She’s not pro-Trump. But she is conservative.

Candis Cayne: She is conservative. And we’ve had some debates. You saw it on season 2 of ‘I Am Cait,’ I think that when you get down to the nitty gritty, if you’re a true conservative, you can actually have conversations with liberals, and you can argue your fact, and at the end of the day let that go, and still become friends and have relationships. Nowadays we live in such a poisoned society, it’s such a heavy tension in the air, so I didn’t want to ever, with Cait, I didn’t want to ever carry that into our friendship. And I think that was the point people missed about the show, is that they wanted to focus on that and then not just allow them to see all of us as who we really are.

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