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Gov't 101 with Jesse Ventura: 4th Amendment

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John Kiriakou: Freed CIA Whistleblower Exposes Torture & More Government Lies

Jesse Ventura's Off The GridJun 02 '15

John Kiriakou, the newly freed CIA whistleblower, joins Jesse Ventura to expose the agency’s use of torture, as well as other government lies in this episode of Off The Grid.Kiriakou is the only man to ever be imprisoned for the CIA’s use of torture, though he never actually tortured anyone and is the reason that it came to light in the first place.In this interview, he sounds off on prosecuting Dick Cheney, Obama’s drone strikes, and the personal toll he paid for speaking out against the U.S. government.Think our government needs to be held accountable for violating the Constitution?Message Jesse at Ora.TV/OffTheGrid.