William Shatner tells Jesse Ventura that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate, who can unite the political parties, because she understands how to compromise.

"The contrasts between the two major parties - the fundamentalists on both ends are not where it’s at. There is an area between the two where you give a little on taxes, give a little on benefits…the compromise that makes a democracy has been voided for a long time."

"I think Mrs. Clinton would be the one to bring us together in some way. There’s got to be a way where people holding to their principles can give slightly. I directed a movie, and the principle I had to learn was when to stand on what you believe and when to be politic and to give so that something can be accomplished. That’s a lesson of life. You have to compromise somewhere along the line between standing on principle and compromise.That’s a learned procedure."

-William Shatner

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