Mark your calendars for an exciting new lineup of “Off The Grid” episodes -April 8-11th 2014

Mark your calendars for an exciting new lineup of Jesse Ventura's show Off The Grid:

  • TuesdayJesse examines Common Core vs State Standards - should we dump common core? What would we replace it with? Tune in to find out what Jesse thinks and his answers for viewer comments and concerns.
  • Wednesday After the controversial #CancelColbert fiasco on twitter, Jesse Ventura discusses what the comedian was really getting at: the R*dskins are racist. 
  • ThursdayCenk Uygur from The Young Turks joins Jesse and discusses today's issues and the future of news media.
  • FridayJesse Ventura shines the light on the #1 Poll-cat: Dick Cheney. He also answers viewers #AskJesse questions during "From The People."


This week on "Off The Grid" with Jesse Ventura: Common Core VS. Standards, CancelColbert, Redskins, Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, Dick Cheney, From The People, #AskJesse



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