What to expect this week on an all new #OffTheGrid investigative series.

This week on #OffTheGrid, Jesse Ventura invites The No Party Zone. Here are the interviews you don't want to miss:

  • Tuesday: Larry King joins Jesse Ventura to talk today's politics. Find out what the legendary talk show host and suspenders aficionado has to say in this two part series.
  • Wednesday: Part two of Larry King's interview continues. The now internet host weighs in on today's issues, including the value of online news sources vs. mainstream media. 
  • Thursday: Author and political commentator Wayne Allyn Root joins Jesse Ventura to discuss his Republican-turned-Libertarian ideals and how they play into being a CEO, business speaker, and Capitalist Evangelist. 
  • Friday: It's Tyrel Ventura and Jesse Ventura as you've never seen them before. The former Buzzsaw host debates the issues with his father and brings his unique perspective to Off The Grid. 

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