Hackers strike again. This time they've targeted the US Combatant Command of the Department of Defense.

A group of ISIS sympathizers hacked social media accounts belonging to the United States Central Command. The Twitter account @CENTCOM and associated YouTube channel were both hijacked by the Cyber Caliphate then used to carry out Cyber Jihad. The group posted links containing the names and addresses of military personnel and tweeted warnings that read: 

“American soldiers, we are coming. Watch your back. Isis,” and, “We won’t stop! We know everything about you, your wives, and children.” 

The CyberCaliphate then took to Central Command’s YouTube channel to post IS propaganda videos before both accounts were suspended.

The pro-IS group also revealed documents containing potential military scenarios in China and Korea but since they were already available to the public online, it was determined that no real damage had been done. 

According to a military document via the Washington Post

“CENTCOM’s operational military networks were not compromised…there was no operational impact to U.S. Central Command…CENTCOM will restore service to its Twitter and YouTube accounts as quickly as possible.” The incident is being viewed “purely as a case of cybervandalism.”

The accounts were hacked as President Obama simultaneously delivered a speech on cybersecurity in response to the recent security breach at Sony. 

U.S. Central Command protects security interests in 20 nations, including the Middle East. Their priorities include limiting the reach of terrorists, denying violent extremists safe havens, and preventing extremists’ freedom to move. The FBI is investigating the incident. 

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