Quit When You're Ahead, Or So Far Behind You Never Stood a Chance.

How does a man with a DISAPPROVAL rating of 70% honestly believe he can get the nation to elect him president?

This is the true delusion of Bobby "Yes, This Is a Real Smile" Jindal. In his time in office, here's the "honors" Louisiana earned...

- The largest gender pay gap in the country: Women earn 66 cents on the man's dollar.

- The second-highest rate of gun deaths in the U.S.

- The highest rate of incarceration in the U.S., which means it also leads IN THE WORLD!

- Second-highest rate of gonorrhea, third-highest rate of syphilis, and fourth-highest rate of chlamydia (due largely to the face that he cut millions out of the STD prevention budget as well as stopping new Planned Parenthoods from being opened).

- And last year, he signed a bill "that bars anyone affiliated with Planned Parenthood from teaching students about sexual health or family planning," so these rates will only go up, up, up!

It's like Jesse Ventura always says, "We're the U.S.A., and we'll stop at nothing to be #1" -- no matter what the dubious honor we may earn.

Despite all of this, Governor Jindal thought he could lead our country to greatness. I'm sure his incredibly realistic and accurate portrait egged him on to have confidence in himself and his leadership abilities.

You were right when you said, "This is not my time." But Bobby, I doubt it will ever be YOUR time as long as you treat U.S. citizens in this manner. See you on the talk show circuit, or when you release a ghost-written autobiography.

I'm sure when they ask Donald Trump for comment on Governor Jindal, he'll fire back, "Who?" But the correct question to ask is "Who cares?"


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