New Video by Terrorist Group Targets Washington & Rome

“What do they expect from the nation of Islam, other than more of these strikes? We bring Hollande and the people around him the good tidings -- as we bring Obama and the people around him the good tidings -- of more of these strikes. Allah willing, we shall roast them with (explosive) belts and car bombs.”

Thus begins the video featuring two extremists associated ISIS as they promise to strike Rome and “finish with the false White House, which we shall render black with our fire.”

St. Peter’s Basilica, La Scala opera house and Milan’s cathedral could all be potential targets for terrorist attacks according to the U.S. State Department. And the Italian authorities are working with the FBI to apprehend suspected individuals.

Yesterday, ISIS released a threat of suicide bombings in New York City’s Time Square. Mayor Bill de Blasio told his city, “Don’t live in fear. If our society shuts down, the terrorists have won without ever coming here in any force. And we are not going to allow them to win.”

Do you think Washington should be put on high alert? Sound off below.


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