The Government doesn’t need to bug our homes to keep us under surveillance. All they need to do is check our social media pages.

Most people by now have become aware to the fact that their “private” social media accounts are not so private when it comes to the government. Just recently, the FBI detained a 19-year-old man because of what he posted on his Twitter page. So it was a bit of a surprise when the government allowed Twitter to publish a heavily redacted version of a letter the company drafted to inform its users about surveillance requests on Monday morning. Jenna McLaughlin of Mother Jones writes:

The letter states that the government surveillance authorized by national security letters and FISA orders has been "quite limited." According to a Twitter spokesman, parts of the letter were redacted but it was otherwise unchanged by the government (including the handwritten parts). 

Read part of the letter below:

Do you believe that their surveillance request have really been “quite limited” or is the government diving into our personal lives any chance they get? Should they even be allowed to monitor our social media pages? Let us know what you think.

-Saher K, The Off The Grid Team


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