Federal officials are investigating a YouTube video that surfaced, showing a law enforcement officer grabbing what looks like a recording device from a woman’s hands, throwing it to the ground, and kicking it.

Courtesy: YouTube Video

A spokesperson for the U.S. Marshals Central District of California identified the man to the Huffington Post as a U.S. Marshal, but did not release his name.  According to the news site, the spokesperson stated:

“The U.S. Marshals Service is aware of video footage of an incident that took place Sunday in Los Angeles County involving a Deputy U.S. Marshal. The agency is currently reviewing the incident."

In the recording, three U.S. Marshals Service agents can be seen standing in front of a house in South Gate, California.  The agency was reportedly investigating a biker gang meeting.  The woman, allegedly a bystander, was filming the incident.  A man in a bulletproof vest is seen grabbing her phone, smashing it to the ground, and finally kicking it.

The video, above, only lasts about 53 seconds and was recorded by an onlooker and uploaded to YouTube on April 19th in South Gate, California.  Just a reminder to our vigilant viewers, it’s important to know your rights: it’s LEGAL to film a cop as long as you don’t interfere with their duties.

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