History is being made today as the Supreme Court takes up arguments over same-sex marriage.  All eyes on Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, whose vote could decide the issue.

Listen to the oral arguments right here: 

The pivotal vote from Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy remains in question.  According to the Associated Press, Kennedy offered reasons for hope and worry to both sides in the rapt courtroom.  Kennedy showed his concern after stating that marriage has been understood as one man and one woman for “millennia-plus time,” as opposed to same-sex marriage, which has been around in the US for just over 10 years.“It’s very difficult for the court to say, ‘We know better,’ “ Kennedy told Mary Bonauto, the attorney representing same-sex couples.

Chief Justice John Roberts also proved he was on the fence on the issue, telling Bonauto, “You’re seeking to change what the institution is.”  But, he also questioned the states’ argument, asking “If Sue loves Joe and Tom loves Joe, Sue can marry him and Tom can’t.Why isn’t that a case of sexual discrimination?”

Where do you stand vigilant viewers?  What will happen if the Supreme Court votes in favor?  What will happen if it doesn’t?  

Watch Jesse Ventura’s take on the issue in this episode of Off The Grid:

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