The U.S. Department of Labor tracks how many people die at work, and why. The latest numbers were released in April and cover the last seven years through 2013. Some of the results may surprise you.

So what do you think is the most deadliest job in America? Why don't we start with what ISN'T the deadliest job in America: being a police officer.

Yes, yes, yes. Being a police officer is a dangerous job, no doubt about that, and police officers put themselves at risk every day. To all the police officers in America: thank you for your service. Please continue to serve and protect us (and vow to not shoot us).

But while we're thanking police officers for all they choose to do, day in and day out, let's see who we're forgetting to thank -- those whose jobs are actually four, five, six, seven more times dangerous and are truly the thankless professions. 

You might be most likely to die on the job if your occupation is as follows. Here are the top 15 most dangerous jobs in America:

1. Fishers

2. Loggers

3. Aircraft Pilot

4. Misc. extraction workers

5. Iron and steel workers

6. Roofers

7. Garbage collectors

8. Farmers and ranchers

9. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers

10. Power-line installers and repairers

11. Misc. agricultural workers

12. Construction laborers

13. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs

14. Police officers

15. Managers of construction trades

The The U.S. Department of Labor also tracks the most dangerous jobs and determines which jobs are near the top of the list for fatalities but near the bottom for pay.

The department also tracks which occupation has the highest number of deaths due to certain situations. Causes of death are separated into categories to determine the most likely way to die, depending on the occupation.

In these categories, there are still a few surprises. When it comes to death by Fires & Explosions, percentage-wise, Fire Fighters come in first. When it comes to Violence or Homicide, taxi drivers and chauffeurs beat out police officers per 100K workers, but police officers are next on the list. 

When it come to percentages of deaths by violence or homicide, the top 10 most dangerous jobs are in this order: Cashiers, Food service managers, Managers of retail sales workers, Property and real estate managers, Security guards, Food preparation and serving jobs, Taxi drivers and chauffeurs, Retail salespersons, Police officers, Personal care and service jobs. 

You can also find out pay ratios for these professions, such as which job is near the top of the list for fatalities but near the bottom for pay. Unfortunately, the higher the risk does not equate to higher pay. 

So take a look at the list for yourself. Were you surprised? Sound off below. 

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