WTF, Mike Huckabee?  What the politicos are saying on #MarriageEquality may astound you.

Here's a selection of the best (and worst) reactions on twitter:

President Obama, standing proud:

Bernie Sanders, a class act:

Elizabeth Warren, thrilled: 

Hillary's reaction: 

While in GOPland, many are unwilling to support the Supreme Court's ruling.  Jeb Bush, for example, states he believes in "traditional marriage."

Still have yet to hear from some of the 2016 hopefuls (are they curtailing the issue because they know the majority of Americans support marriage equality?).  What are you waiting for Rand

Mike Huckabee certainly ain't happy...essentially claiming homosexuality isn't natural:  

Gov. Bobby Jindal, spinning the played-out "religious freedom" card:

Darth Cheney's daughter seems pissed:

Who do you side with?  Sound off below.

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