A homeless man reportedly found thousands of dollars, turned it in to the police, and then...turned down thousands of dollars from a Go Fund Me campaign, stating he just wants work.

Local news outlets are reporting that a homeless man in Langford, B.C., turned in $2,400 he found on the street.  Then, he went to the police and handed in the lost cash.  

Some good people were touched by the story and decided to start a Go Fund Me campaign for him.  The campaign has already exceed $5,000 at the time of this article posting.  

And yet, the homeless man, according those behind the campaign, refused to take in the charitable donations.  Instead, he reportedly told the police that he'd rather see the $5,000+ go to others in need.  All he wants is a job.  Not only that, he had no desire to be identified.  

Kinda breaks your heart, doesn't it? 

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