Will justice prevail for Samuel Harrell?

Samuel Harrell, an inmate with behavior that’s been linked to bipolar disorder, was serving time at the Fishkill Correctional Facility in New York for a drug conviction. He got into a confrontation with officers at the prison after he announced he was going home -- even though he still had years left on his sentence.

The New York Times obtained Samuel Harrell's autopsy report from the Orange County medical examiner.  The news outlet's shocking report states that Harrell, 30, “had cuts and bruises to the head and extremities and had no illicit drugs in his system.  He died of cardiac arrhythmia, the autopsy report said, ‘following physical altercation with corrections officers.’”

Harrell was reportedly beaten by as many as 20 officers.Some of these officials are part of a group called “The Beat Up Squad.”  According to the New York Times, these officers allegedly threw Harrell, dragged him down a staircase -- and jumped on him repeatedly “like he was a trampoline,” an inmate reported to the paper.

None of the officers have been disciplined.  Additionally, when the ambulance arrived, the Times reports the officers allegedly didn’t mention the encounter to the first responders when they arrived, only that Harrell probably died of an overdose of K2 (ie, synthetic marijuana).

It doesn’t end there: inmates who have spoken out reportedly claim they are being punished, either with threats of violence or through solitary confinement.

Will justice prevail for Samuel Harrell’s family?Sound off below.

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