Shots were fired at Camp Shelby yesterday morning by an unknown shooter and it looks like the shooter, who is at large, has attempted to strike again.

CNN reports that the military is on high alert at Camp Shelby in Mississippi, where an unidentified shooter fired gunshots in the air two days in a row. This morning's shots were fired at 8 AM CT, about 24 hours after yesterday's shooting. While no one was injured in either shooting, the shooter still remains at large. 

Mississippi National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Christian Patterson told CNN county authorities and the military are looking for whoever fired the shots. The person described in both cases is said to be a, 

"white male in a red pickup truck, make and model unknown."

It isn't clear at this time whether the shooter had a specific target in mind, only that soldiers were present near a checkpoint on the county road by the training center where the shootings took place. 

In the first incident, a man driving a pickup allegedly fired shots near two soldiers who were at a checkpoint on a road east of the base, Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith said.

Two people were questioned yesterday but have since been cleared in the case. This was one instance in which no one was hurt. It could have easily turned into a Chatanooga or Sandy Hook. I think it's time for tighter gun control. What about you? Agree/Disagree? Sound off below.  

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