State and federal authorities are taking matters into their own hands, following the lead-poisoning crisis that hit the city of Flint, Michigan.  To top this off, a House Oversight Committee held a hearing on the matter, accusing officials of a cover-up.  Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech professor who helped uncover the poisoned waters, told the Committee, "If it's not criminal, I don't know what is.”

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is responsible for his state.  They’ve know about the issue for nine months and they’re now just starting to do something about it.  This is unconscionable.

I recall when I was Governor of Minnesota, I had left for vacation when a tornado hit within the state and destroyed an entire city.  Upon hearing the news, I immediately left my vacation spot and arrived in Minnesota the next day. When you see the destruction and turmoil a disaster can cause, it should become your top priority as Governor.  Every state has funds available within their budgets to deal with a crisis like this.  It’s up to Gov. Snyder now to make this his number one priority, fix it, and then resign.  He should do his job.

And yet, the law does not force Snyder or his officials to disclose all of the information regarding this crisis.  Michigan, according to the Chicago Tribune, is one of two states in this country where the governor’s office is exempt from public-records requests.  Who makes these rules?  Democrats and Republicans, of course.  They’ve built a system that covers their ass, as opposed a system that holds them responsible for their actions (or lack thereof).  

I’m getting tired of it.  I feel like I’m pounding my head against a wall, over and over again.  I keep telling the people of this country, over and over again, yet they keep for voting for them.

You’re going to continue to get the same results if you keep electing these two parties into power.

-Jesse Ventura 


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