Sam Harris Discusses The Regressive Left, Atheism, and Responds to Criticism

Rubin Report Rewind: Dave Rubin shares his thoughts on past interviews.

The Rubin Report launched on Ora on September 9th, 2015. Sam had originally agreed to do the show around when his book with Maajid Nawaz, "Islam and the Future of Tolerance" was due to come out in October of 2015. About two weeks before our launch on Ora I sent Sam a quick note asking if there was any way he could move the date up to our early September launch. Sam agreed to do it and this interview really set up The Rubin Report for much of the success we've had over the past four months.

My goal with the interview was to clear up so many of the lies and distortions about Sam that he constantly has to put up with. While I think we did an admirable job of that, sadly the lies and distortions not only continued but amplified in several quarters. I saw first hand how the very people Sam addressed in our interview lied and distorted his words from our discussion immediately afterward. Ironically, I had intended the interview to be the last I would discuss of this issue. Little did I know it would help define the next few months of my life. As I've said about the Regressive Left many times, they're like the mafia, the more I try to get out the more they suck me back in.

I should also note that I finally talked about my departure from The Young Turks in this interview, which I hadn't fully addressed before. My intention was also to leave that in the interview, though that didn't quite work out after a couple unfortunate but necessary exchanges with Cenk Uygur on Twitter.

This interview really crystallized the type of work I want to do. Sam unknowingly helped my awakening with that fateful appearance on Real Time and then knowingly helped me get off on the right foot with The Rubin Report by being the first guest. I don't think we could have gotten off to a better start.

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