Faisal Saeed Al Mutar Discusses Opening Closed Societies

Rubin Report Rewind: Dave Rubin shares his thoughts on past interviews.


I had heard of Faisal after Cara Santa Maria was tweeting about wanting to help a secularist in Saudi Arabia. A few people pointed her in Faisal's direction and I quickly became interested in him. Faisal works with movements.org, an incredible organization devoted to helping people in closed societies. One of my main hopes with doing this show is not only that we can talk about these issues but also act on them as well. This made Faisal the perfect guest.

Within a minute of meeting him, I was struck by how much joy he has. We quickly hit it off in the green room like two old friends getting back together. By the time the interview had started I felt like we knew each other for years. We touched on a little of everything during our chat, from his childhood in Iraq to the work he does now, to the infamous Regressive Left.

My main takeaway from the interview was similar to what I felt after chatting with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This is a person who came from incredibly difficult circumstances to move to the west and absolutely flourish. He loves the west because it's given him all the opportunities he couldn't have had otherwise. Now, like Ayaan, he tirelessly works to help people who are in the same situation he once was. He should be a hero of the both the left and the right. I look forward to seeing where his journey takes him next.

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