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Joan Rivers On the Red Carpet and Ryan Seacrest

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Kathy Griffin on Trump, Britney, and her new tell-all

Larry King NowNov 04 '16

Just shy of the presidential election, Kathy Griffin waxes political about her many run-ins with Donald Trump and Anthony Weiner’s troubling proclivities. Plus, Kathy on her new tell-all and the life-changing advice Jane Fonda offered her after a breakup.

Comedian and actress Kathy Griffin is a longtime friend of Larry King's, and the two sit down to talk life, celebrity, and lots of politics in this episode of Larry King Now. The comedian's new book,Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index is out thisNovember 22, and in the interview she shares some of the stories of her star encounters, including the time Britney Spears seemed to forget who Griffin was on stage.

But with the presidential election only a few days away, much of the interview focuses on Griffin's thoughts on all aspects of the unprecedented 2016 campaign. She reveals the details of her own past interactions with Donald Trump, her interpretation of Anthony Wiener's continuing scandals, and why she supports Hillary and can empathize with all the criticism she has faced over the years. And Griffin even has an inside scoop on another Trump Foundation secret that she learned when helping Joan Rivers on the set ofThe Celebrity Apprentice.
Plus, in a rapid-fire edition of If You Only Knew, Griffin tells stories ranging from why she's jealous of Ellen DeGeneres to the time she met Wayne Gretzky on a plane to how she's sure the men she sleeps with have to go to a recovery clinic. By the end, Larry is sighing, worn out from Griffin's self-labeled "formidable force of formidableness."