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Bret Easton Ellis on working with Kanye West

Larry King NowDec 05 '16

Author and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis opens up about why his plans to make a ‘Yeezus’ movie with Kanye West fizzled, and discusses the musician’s recent health issues.

Larry King: You’re working with Kanye West on a movie? Based on the “Yeezus” album?

Bret Easton Ellis: Oh God. The Kanye- I was working with Kanye West on a couple of projects, and we actually had worked on projects together. I wrote a video for him, he did some music for a trailer for a movie of mine. And we were gonna do this TV thing and also this movie thing, and I like Kanye. But, it’s hard to focus him sometimes and he does get distracted and he’s got a crazy life. So this project we’re going to do kind of has fallen by the wayside, and I don’t know if it will be picked up again or not.

Larry King: Is he hospitalized now?

Bret Easton Ellis: I think he is, I think he’s still at UCLA Medical Center. But I don’t know. He’s very passionate, I think he’s very much an obsessive, and you know a lot of what happens when you’re an obsessed artist is that judgment goes out the window.

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