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Kathy Griffin on Bill Cosby, Amy Schumer, Trump vs. Hillary, and Sexism in Comedy

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Angela Bassett on Hillary Clinton, ‘AHS’ & her career

Larry King NowMar 02 '16

Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett joins Larry King for a well-rounded discussion about the many iconic roles she's played, including Rosa Parks, as well as a look ahead at FX's 'American Horror Story' season 6. Angela also gets political, telling Larry exactly why she's voting for Hillary Clinton.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on March 2nd 2016:

“My job, I’m used to more smaller pieces, more human interaction. So I always look for that. But when I am sitting in my car, in a lot, in Bulgaria, with a lime green screen and all this action going on, you don’t know how much is too much, or if you’re being too subtle.So you really have to depend on the director. –Angela Bassett on working on a big box office action film

“I missed [Morgan Freeman] a great deal this movie. He was right at my left hand in the last film. He is something. He seems to bring humor, and humanity and vulnerability and gravitas to every film he’s in.” –Angela Bassett on her co-star Morgan Freeman

“It’s the idea of it. Ya know? The way you look at life, finding wonder in it. You balance it, you do what you need to MOST of the time.” –Angela Bassett on staying young

“He was not tough, he was sweet. Should I say that? He was prepared. He was kind, he was generous, and was prepared everyday. That was marvelous.” –Angela Bassett on ‘London Has Fallen’ director Babak Najafi

“Tina Turner was first.I came to LA, been in LA a little while and get a call to come in and audition. I just hope to get past the casting director. I got past that front door and was able to audition.” – Angela Bassett on getting the role of Tina Turner

“I used to prepare for 15 hours a day before I got the job, and it didn’t disappoint. I love when people don’t expect much, and you give them so much more. You know, as opposed to they expect everything and you can’t meet their expectations.” –Angela Bassett on practicing for her role as Tina Turner and the fans reactions

“I think we can do better. I mean times change, and we have more movies, tentpole movies, cartoons,[...] but in these fantastical worlds you can cast anybody. I really do think it’s about opening up you know?” –Angela Bassett on diversity in movies

“You know absolutely [Hillary] has a deep wealth of experience. From first lady in Arkansas, to first lady in the White House, to secretary of state, her experience can’t be read. I think she has a wonderful perspective, you know I like her platforms. I like, after law school, she went to the south and worked with Marian Wright Edelman in the children’s defense fund, when she could have gone anywhere else. She had her pick.” –Angela Bassett on her support of Hillary Clinton in the election