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Donna Karan on Hillary Clinton, Haiti, & Her Next Act

Larry King NowMar 04 '16

In this special episode, Larry is joined by his wife, Shawn, for a conversation with Donna Karan. The DKNY founder details her rise in the fashion world, dressing Bill & Hillary Clinton, & whether she's ever thought about walking away from her empire.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on March 4th 2016:

“Donna Karan New York. I thought the name, well what does Donna Karan mean? Well it has no meaning, but NEW YORK oh my god! It says the world.” – Donna Karan on how she came up with the name forher brand

“I wanted to be an illustrator. Well, first I wanted to sing like Barbra, and dance like Martha Graham. Fashion, well when your parents are in the industry you don’t want to follow that astute, and it seemed like the only thing I was good at.” – Donna Karan on deciding if she should go into fashion as a child

“That’s what the industry is all about. You know I was back to work the next day.” –Donna Karan on going back to work after giving birth the day before

“I did not know that Hilary was wearing my cold shoulder dress, and it was in the New York Times and I was pretty surprised, but that was the dress the press killed me on. They didn’t understand why I cut out the shoulders. Now everybody is doing cold shoulders! They say it’s the only place that a women never gains weight, it’s on her shoulders.” –Donna Karan on Hillary Clinton wearing her cold shoulder dress at her first white house dinner

“I have found the way to talking to people is usually in the dressing room.”

“I think women are mainly the mother. The mother usually has a lot of responsibilities. You know, the man is kinda focused, where the woman has that motherly care and not only takes care of her family, probably the last person she takes care of is herself.But she’s always interested in everybody else.” – Donna Karan on empowering women through fashion

“The customer right now is seeing the clothes on the runway, and they think ‘I’m never going to look like that, or I’m never going to look like that.’ and there was a time when I first started, the models were more womanly. Then we went to this period where they got very thin.” –Donna Karan on France’s regulations against models that are too thin

“[Women] are more in demand. You know we don’t know many male models, but look at all the female models we know. They’re icons in the world of fashion. Men haven’t taken that place yet.” –Donna Karan on female models being more successful than male models

“We can say the internet is great, but then again I was one of the first people who have said that we are delivering too much information too quickly. As soon as the fashion shows happen they go on the internet so of course the people who knock off see them on the internet, go to China, get them into the fashion stores quicker than the fashion designers do and it’s knocked off.” –Donna Karan on her fashion being knocked off