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Jason Biggs on marriage, elections & ‘American Pie’ legacy

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Is a ‘Starman’ remake happening? Jeff Bridges weighs in

Larry King NowAug 17 '16

Jeff Bridges says he has “mixed feelings” about a ‘Starman’ remake, and reveals to Larry how he’d like to revive the notable 80s film.

King: Thoughts on proposed Starman remake?

Bridges: Well, I've got kind of mixed feelings about that. I know it's a great story and I had a great time making that with John Carpenter and I wish them all the best of luck. Every time I see Karen Allen, who worked in that movie, we start to kind of brainstorm about a sequel rather than a remake because she's pregnant with the Starman's baby. I gave her those silver balls. Come on. There's got to be a story there. I always hoped they'd make that sequel but didn't happen.