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Morgan Freeman on Acting, Obama, and Weed

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Jeff Bridges on acting, ‘The Big Lebowski,’ & his dad

Larry King NowAug 17 '16

Jeff Bridges lives up to his reputation for being extremely easy-going as he discusses his upcoming movies, wearing his duds as “the Dude” in ‘The Big Lebowski,’ and his unique take on retirement with Larry King. Plus, the Academy Award-winning actor remembers his father, the late Lloyd Bridges.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Aug 17th 2016:

“Every once in a while you read a script that just sings to you. This one written by Taylor Sheridan just rang so true.” — Jeff Bridges on why he decided to take a role in the movie ‘Hell or High Water’

“I don’t know if you’re like me but I like to know as a little as possible before seeing a movie… They should let the directors direct the trailers!” — Jeff Bridges on trailers giving away too much information about the movies they're teasing

“It’s all an act, man!” — Jeff Bridges on his notably easy-going nature

“It’s funny how it times out. It depends on your mood at the time, and I kick myself in the butt for turning down movies.” — Jeff Bridges on the difficulty in choosing roles

“My dad, unlike a lot of guys in showbiz, encouraged all of us kids to get in and become actors. He loved it so much, all the different aspects of it.” — Jeff Bridges on his late father, actor Lloyd Bridges

“I think life is so paradoxical, we say 'who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?' It’s hard, things aren't black and white, not so clean cut.” — Jeff Bridges on current attitudes toward law enforcement in the country

“I am going Hillary, I do know that. We will see, man. Both Trump and Bernie, people responded to that freshness of, it sounds funny, but taking politics out of politics.” — Jeff Bridges on the 2016 presidential election

“I have mixed feelings about that. It’s a great story and I had a great time making it with John Carpenter and all of them I wish the best of luck. Every time I see Karen Allen – who worked on that movie – we brainstorm ideas for a sequel, not a remake. I mean she’s pregnant with Starman’s baby, I gave her those silver balls. There's got to be a story there. I always hoped they’d make that sequel but it didn’t happen.” — Jeff Bridges on the possibility of a ‘Starman’ remake