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Jeff Bridges remembers watching his dad Lloyd on set

Larry King NowAug 17 '16

Jeff Bridges fondly recalls watching his father, Lloyd Bridges, on set as a child, and how encouraging the late actor was of his son’s interest in show business.

King: Did you go watch your father do scenes?

Bridges: Oh I remember watching my dad, going to visit him on a western and seeing him on the ladder with two other guys, you know, tough, and they've got the reins and they're going like this.

King: They're not on a horse?

Bridges: They're not on a horse and I couldn't stop laughing. And they said, "Get the kid outta here." But my dad, unlike a lot of guys in showbiz, he encouraged all of us kids to get in, become actors. He loved it so much, all the different aspects of it.

King: He was great.

Bridges: He was a wonderful guy, wasn't he? When there was a kid part in Sea Hunt, you know, 'Come on, Jeff. Get out of school. Come play with Dad.'