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Wynonna Judd on her personal and musical rebirth

Larry King NowSep 14 '16

She calls it her rebirth. Multiplatinum-selling solo artist Wynonna Judd is all candor as she discusses “singing from her toenails” with her band, ‘Wynonna and the Big Noise,’ and how her new sound is different from anything else she’s done. Plus, Wynonna’s husband and bandmate Cactus Moser joins to discuss their marriage and music.

Country music legend Wynonna Judd joins Larry and his wife Shawn after spending a year on the tour bus with her new band ‘The Big Noise.’ The name reflects her new sound; she’s singing with more passion, more power, and more history than ever before.

Wynonna Judd discusses the journey that led to the production of this new album. From moving past her roots as one half of the legendary duo, The Judds, along with the personal hardships of a divorce and watching her grown children move away, the new album reflects Wynonna’s history as both a musical icon and a woman at a turning point in her own life. She embraces her new band, performing with an ensemble, and the changes those bring to her musical styling.

Later, Wynonna Judd is joined by her husband, music producer and drummer Michael ‘Cactus’ Moser. The two relive the motorcycle accident that took Cactus’ leg shortly after their wedding, and the faith that Wynonna found with God that day. Then, they relate how all that pain and their shared love of musical history gets reflected back into the new album. Their new project reflects an authenticity to the production process, which can be heard on the album itself.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Sept 14th 2016:

“I learned how to be a friend because I wanted a friend and I had this thing going called ‘get out of your way and like be there for other people, not just yourself.’ Cause we tend to be entertainers in our own vacuum, and I think it’s important in this business. We are so transient, and we never connect. Like last night I saw Shania [Twain] and I asked her about her kid. I didn’t care about her statistics. So we’re, yeah thank you for saying that. Because I think friendships as I get older are more sacred than ever, and we’re losing our legends.” – Wynonna Judd on her longstanding friendship with Shawn King and the importance of friendships in the entertainment industry.

“I’m in a band. Sorry mom. And it’s exciting because it’s kicked me in the butt so much so that I’m like in this whole new chapter of sassiness and it’s so awesome to be. When you hit 50 you’re staring down the barrel of reality of ‘am I going to be better or bitter for my journey?’ And I’ve had 30 years, you know this. You know when you’re in a job, marriage, whatever, you got to decide: what am I doing? And so I joined this band, shared a bus with all these guys for a year.” – Wynonna Judd on the impact her new band ‘The Big Noise’ has had on her.

“I laughed the hardest I have ever laughed. It was a fraternity. I had to do it because I wanted to bond with these guys. We’re a band. It’s like Dave Grohl, name dropper, told me, he said ‘get in a band. And practice.’ And that’s what we’ve been doing. And so it’s not just, like we showed up at the Grammys all of us, does that make sense? It’s not just Wynonna as you knew her, formally known as the Judds, solo career. This is a new chapter people. You don’t know me. You know what you’ve seen but you don’t know me now.” – Wynonna Judd on touring with her band ‘The Big Noise.’

“So much has changed. I’m on stage playing harmonica, drums, I’m just full of freedom, that’s what’s on the other side of fear. So I’m with a new band, new record came out in February, and it’s uh, it’s vintage modern. It’s Americana, it’s country, oh my God it’s country. Sweet country like Loretta Lynn, Tammy [Wynette]. The old, traditional, I say classic, I don’t like the word ‘old,’ and it’s as Rock and Roll as Led Zeppelin.” – Wynonna Judd on the new sound she’s found since performing with ‘The Big Noise.’