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Shawn Mendes reveals 'Illuminate' world tour details to Larry King

Larry King NowSep 07 '16

Music superstar Shawn Mendes reveals to Larry King that he is indeed going on a world tour in conjunction with his new album 'Illuminate,' and provides Larry with a few details about what fans can expect from his slate of upcoming performances.

Larry King: When they announced you’d open at Madison Square Garden, a one-night concert to be held September 10th, it was sold out in five minutes. What did you make of that?

Shawn Mendes: Surreal, completely surreal. You know like, if somebody told me a year ago, if somebody told me five months ago that that would have happened I wouldn’t have believed them so it’s just, you can’t fathom it to be honest with you.

Larry King: Are your fans very young people?

Shawn Mendes: More or less, yeah. They’re close to my age, a little bit older, a little bit younger.

Larry King: Have you done a big concert before?

Shawn Mendes: Um I did, I just recently played the ACC in Toronto, um but the MSG is gonna be big. It’s gonna be cool cause we’re playing a lot of the new album so the whole set is gonna be changed, the whole production is all gonna be new.

Larry King: Do you do a big production?

Shawn Mendes: Yeah, I wouldn’t say more of like a big production, it’s very intricate. We’re trying to tell a story so we have a very cool kind of storyline from the beginning to the end of the set, you know, intertwined with the music.

Larry King: How big of a band?

Shawn Mendes: Uh, I have a guitar player, a piano player, a drummer, and a bassist.

Larry King: That’s it?

Shawn Mendes: Yeah, that’s it for now. And I play acoustic, and lead.

Larry King: Now you’re gonna tour, I hear about an Illuminate world tour.

Shawn Mendes: Yeah. I’m really excited.

Larry King: Starting?

Shawn Mendes: Starting, starting this uh spring I think. It’s gonna be good man. We’re doing arenas across the world so that’s exciting.

Larry King: So you’re gonna go overseas?

Shawn Mendes: Definitely

Larry King: All around?

Shawn Mendes: Overseas. All over the place.

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