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Faith Evans felt Biggie’s presence while recording

Larry King NowMay 22 '17

Faith Evans – who recently released a duets album with her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G. – opens up about feeling Biggie’s presence while she was in the recording studio. 

Larry King: Is it true that you felt Biggie’s presence at one point during the recording?

Faith Evans: Here’s the thing, I’m a very spiritually connected person in terms of I believe in God, I pray, but I’m not super deep and superstitious, into supernatural stuff on the surface. So throughout the recording, I was so surprised at just how it was coming together that I don’t think I necessarily had an emotional reflection. But then at one point when I was pretty much done recording and I was playing the music for different people who hadn’t heard the album, I just kinda felt like a tap on my shoulder, it was really crazy. And I went around to every person in the room who worked on the album, and said, “Oh my god, thank you.” Although I know I probably said it every day when we left the studio, but something told me to go and talk to them, each, and I just was like, “I think that was him.” And I just kinda started bawling, crying, and had to get myself together, I didn’t want people to think something was wrong. I’m like, “Okay,” I had to go outside and take deep breaths and just pull it together, but I honestly felt that it was him, just telling me to say thank you, and saying, “I’m proud of what you’re doing.”

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