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Best Of Both Worlds: Floyd Mayweather On His Childhood

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Amir Khan: Mayweather will "walk right through" McGregor

Larry King NowJun 29 '17

Famed British boxer Amir Khan weighs in on the upcoming Mayweather vs. McGregor bout, telling Larry he expects the fight to be a "walk in the park" for Floyd Mayweather. 

Larry King: How do you think Mayweather’s going to do against…

Amir Khan: McGregor?

Larry King: Yeah.

Amir Khan: I mean, let’s break the fight down…

Larry King: So Boxing Rules…

Amir Khan: It’s the Boxing Rules. McGregor’s never had a boxing fight as a professional, so that’s his first fight. He’s up against someone who’s unbeaten in 49 fights…

Larry King: 49 fights…

Amir Khan: Which is Floyd Mayweather. Now, I don’t think he has a boxer’s chance. If it was an MMA fight, then you know, anything can happen. He might hit Floyd down. He’d win.

Larry King: Not once he knocks him down.

Amir Khan: Then he’s done. So, being a boxing fight, I think it’s all Floyd. Floyd’s just going to walk right through him, he’s going to make him look...He’s going to make him miss ‘cause Floyd’s defense is amazing as well, he’s not going to get hit with anything. It’s going to be a nice, easy walk in the park for him.

Larry King: But if he does hit him…(laughs)

Amir Khan: Well, I mean if he does hit him, yeah. I mean, I’ve seen Floyd get hit by bigger guys but you just don’t know, there’s always that one punch and...Is Floyd that old man that people think he is now, because he’s getting old, he’s having less fights per year...But I can’t see that happening, I think Floyd’s got it all…

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