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Jerrod Carmichael on money, Cosby, & ‘The Carmichael Show’

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Alison Brie on ‘GLOW,’ ‘The Papers,’ & Dave Franco

Larry King NowJun 30 '17

Alison Brie gushes about her new Netflix series, ‘GLOW,’ reveals her role as Meryl Streep’s daughter in Spielberg’s upcoming Pentagon Papers movie, and opens up about how her husband Dave Franco proposed to her. Plus, the actress demonstrates a newly-acquired wrestling move on Larry.

Larry King sits down with the beloved actress Alison Brie, known for her roles on the series ‘Community’, ‘Madmen’, and ‘Bojack Horseman’. The extremely busy actress has been branching out and taking on roles such as, a female wrestler in the highly anticipated Netflix series ‘Glow’and a seditious nun in the film ‘The Little Hours’. Brie guides Larry through the plot and the background story of both female empowered projects. Alison Brie opens up about working alongside her husband Dave Franco in ‘The Little Hours’ and the James Franco directed film ‘The Disaster Artist’. She goes on to describing the highlights of working with her brother-in-law.

Brie then address the controversy around her comment about her ‘Entourage’ audition, clarifying that it was not a “producers couch” situation. This segwayed into Larry and Alison discussing sexism and discrimination in Hollywood and Donald Trump’s America. Alison believes that these times “have women really feeling the need to empower themselves,” which, in turn, has led to the creation of interesting work for women by women.

Finally, Larry and Alison discuss her role in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film ‘The Papers’ based on the Pentagon Papers. Larry reminisces about interviewing all that were involved, and his friendship with Katherine Graham and her daughter Lally Weymouth - who Alison Brie will be playing.She then describes the audition process for the film and her meeting with the legendary Steven Spielberg. Larry congratulates Brie on her accomplishments and achieving not being typecasted. Although grateful for the slew of work opportunities offered, Brie sheds a light on the duality of being a performer.