The Nazis couldn't get away with using this defense, but that doesn't stop the CIA psychologist [Dr. James Mitchell] who designed the government's post-9/11 torture program from using it.

I just find it astounding that our generation can’t live up to the greatest generation, WWII. What you have here is laughable; it’s the Nuremberg defense. Dr. James Mitchell is using the exact defense as the Nazi’s used at Nuremberg: They ordered me to do it.

Well that generation didn’t buy it. That generation prosecuted those people and put them in jail. Apparently today it works. We’re obviously not progressing as a people, because it didn’t work at Nuremberg. It didn’t work after WWII and the torturing that took place there. Apparently now it does work. Now it’s ok to torture.

You’re telling me that all it takes is for the upper echelon of our government to ask this guy, Dr. James Mitchell, to commit a crime and to torture people and he absolves himself from it simply by saying, “I was doing what I was told.”

It didn’t work at Nuremberg, but apparently it works today.


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